My Suggestions

Write away the pain

With self-care, writing can be therapeutic. That’s why counselors often suggest their clients take up journaling as a form of self-care.


Try writing or journaling to release your pain when you feel conflicted

Putting your thoughts and feelings, sometimes thoughts and feelings that cannot be shared with others, on paper can be like catharsis. It’s a mental release as well as an emotional one. Pent up anger or sadness can’t stay pent up forever. At some point it has to be released.

Why not release those more difficult feelings onto the page? It’s better than holding it all in until the inevitable explosion. It’s far superior to pretending as if there is no pain and that everything is fine.

So what tends to stop people from taking advantage of such an easy and accessible form of self-care? I think it’s the act of writing itself. Especially if writing isn’t a strong point. And when it is a skill, then comes the inner critic.

This doesn’t make any sense

I sound crazy

Wow, I’m a really bad writer

Push those feelings aside and write it anyway. Let go of your feelings and your emotions and put them into words. If you can’t put your feelings into words because it’s too complex or because there is not way to describe how you feel, try. You may stumble upon the perfect words in the midst of your most questionable writing.

There’s a reason why writing is suggested so often and that’s because it works. Writing works. Writing works much better than keeping it all inside.


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